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A drive train is a series of mechanisms through which the power from your vehicle's engine reaches the wheels. Drive trains work differently depending on their orientation. Most car makes, including Chevy, Honda, GMC, and Toyota, either have all-wheel or front-wheel drive trains. In a rear-wheel drive train, the engine's power is delivered to the car's back wheels and is the most common orientation used on cars and trucks alike. This arrangement is good for delivering weight equally among all the vehicle tires, which makes steering and handling easier. A front-wheel drive train, torque from the engine, is supplied to the vehicle's front wheels.

The parts of a drive train include:

The driveshaft - This is a long tube of steel that is linked to a car's transmission on one end and the differential at the other. It transfers the mechanical power of the transmission to other parts of the vehicle.

The U-joint – This is a flexible pivot point that gives the driveshaft the ability to function at multiple angles.

CV joints – These are part of the driveshaft and can bend in any direction while turning the drive wheels at a constant velocity.

The differential – This connects to the CV axle or an additional drive shaft, through the wheel bearing/hub, then the wheel.

The axle shaft – This is the part that delivers power from the differential assembly to the drive wheels.

Some signs that your vehicle may need a drive train repair include:

Vibrations while driving - Driveshafts are made to prevent vibrations. So, if you feel any vibrations while accelerating or decelerating, your vehicle may require a drive train service.

Loud noises - Clunking, scraping, or rattling sounds while accelerating or turning are warning signs. If you hear strange noises, there is likely an issue with your vehicle's U-joint and indicates a rotation problem.

Your transmission fluid starts leaking - If you do not address the issues with your drive train right away, your vehicle's transmission will pay the price, and you may notice leaking of transmission fluid. 

The longer you wait to get a drive train service, the more damage will be done to your vehicle. If you are in Montgomery County, don't wait to bring your car to Milstead Service Center in Conroe. Our Auto Repair technicians can take care of your vehicle. In addition to our drive train service, we also specialize in scheduled maintenance and RV Repair.

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