Fuel Injectors from Milstead Service Center

How Does Fuel Injection Work?

We at Milstead Service Center in Conroe are very familiar with how fuel injection works. In order for your vehicle's engine to run smoothly, it needs to be provided with the proper ratio of fuel to air. A fuel injector is an electronically controlled valve that supplies fuel from the fuel pump to the vehicle's engine. The fuel injector can open and close multiple times a second. When the injector is activated, an electromagnet moves a plunger that opens the valve, allowing pressurized fuel to squirt out through a tiny nozzle. The nozzle is designed to make the fuel as fine a mist as possible so that it can burn easily. The fuel injector is controlled by the vehicle's engine control unit (ECU).

How Do I Know If My Vehicle Needs a Fuel Injection Repair?

Whether you're inquiring about fuel injection repair for your Chevy, Honda, GMC, Toyota, or something else, the signs of a damaged or dirty fuel injector are the same. A faulty fuel injector will mess up the intervals in which fuel is sprayed or will prevent fuel from being sprayed into the engine altogether. It is possible that your fuel injector is clogged or dirty and does not need to be replaced entirely. At Milstead Service Center in Montgomery County, we offer fuel injection cleaning and service and can help you clean your injectors out or replace them if needed. In addition to fuel injection repair, we also offer RV Repair, scheduled maintenance, tune-ups, and Auto Repair services.

Here are some signs of a faulty fuel injector:

  • There is a rough idle or the engine stalls.
  • Your engine vibrates or misfires.
  • If your vehicle is not getting enough fuel from the fuel injectors, it will fail to accelerate properly, and your engine will vibrate or misfire.
  • Your check engine light turns on.
  • You notice a fuel leak and/or a fuel odor.
  • Your engine surges.
  • Your vehicle's fuel economy declines.
  • Your vehicle fails an emissions test.

Before vehicles are released, they go through a fuel economy test conducted by the EPA to get an estimated mileage for your car. If your car is not getting as many miles per gallon as it once did, there may be an issue with your fuel injector.

Your Auto Repair Shop for Fuel Injection Repair

Having fuel injection troubles can be daunting, but at Milstead Service Center, we can ease your anxieties. Serving communities in Conroe and the surrounding areas since 1972, our technicians have a vast amount of knowledge on different parts of your car, and we provide thorough, high-quality service that will get you back on the road as soon as possible.


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