Suspension Service from Milstead Service Center

The suspension system in your vehicle is a structure designed to maximize the friction between the tires and the surface of the road, provide adequate handling as well as steering control, and ensure that passengers are comfortable. As the tires hit different bumps, cracks, and holes on the road, this could cause the wheels to move upward and transfer that energy to the frame of the vehicle. The suspension works to absorb that energy to make sure that you are firmly planted on the road and feel comfortable as you drive along. The suspension plays an important role in maintaining comfort and safety. As a result, getting a suspension service or diagnosis is crucial if there are any issues. We at Milstead Service Center are knowledgeable in suspension repair. If you are in Conroe or the surrounding area and need suspension repair, come to our shop.

Different Components of the Suspension System

Frame: This is the primary basis of your vehicle. It supports the weight of the engine and body. 

Suspension system: This refers to the setup that absorbs shocks, supports the weight of the vehicle, and keeps the tires planted on the ground. 

Steering system: The steering system allows the driver to turn the vehicle. The system allows light force from the steering wheel to turn the vehicle. 

Tires and wheels: The wheels turn around to move the vehicle, while a tire is the rubber ring that covers the wheel's rims. The tires are designed to keep a solid grip on the road. 

Struts: Struts have two different purposes: to dampen and provide structural support. 

Shocks: Shocks work to reduce bouncing, roll and sway, brake dive, and acceleration squat. They are oil pumps that control the movement of suspensions. If you notice that there is oil leaking, come to Milstead Service Center to make sure that the shocks are repaired properly. 

Axles: Axles are rods that support the weight of the vehicle and turn the wheels. Some signs that your axles need service include vibrations and your vehicle being unable to move forward or backward.

Control arms: Control arms work to make the motion of the wheels in line with the body of the car. Every 90,000 to 100,000 miles, the control arms can get worn out, or you can hit a pothole, which can make the control arms bend. If you notice your tires wear improperly, take your vehicle to Milstead Service Center to make sure your control arms are in good condition.

Your Shop for Suspension Repair

Whether you drive a Chevy, Honda, GMC, Toyota, or any other make, eventually your suspension may need to be inspected by a technician. If you need to get your suspension repaired, come to Milstead Service Center where our technicians can take a look at your suspension and get it back to its original condition.


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