Water Pump Service from Milstead Service Center

What Is an Automotive Water Pump and How Does It Work?

Because engine temperatures in your vehicle can reach up to 195-220 degrees on average and even higher in the summer, it is important that your vehicle is kept cool on the inside. To achieve this, all vehicles, including those from Chevy, Honda, GMC, and Toyota, circulate coolant through the engine. Coolant is a mixture of water and antifreeze and is part of your vehicle's cooling system. The water pump makes sure the coolant keeps moving through the radiator, engine block, and hoses to maintain a proper operating temperature. Your vehicle's automotive water pump is typically driven by the timing belt and takes coolant from the radiator and moves it through the motor back to the radiator, where the cycle begins again. If you have a bad water pump and do not tend to it, it could lead to engine failure or a coolant leak. If you live in Willis, Montgomery, Magnolia, The Woodlands, or Panorama Village, you can bring your vehicle to Milstead Service Center in Montgomery County to ensure your automotive water pump is working properly.

How Can I Know If There Is Something Wrong With My Automotive Water Pump?

Your vehicle's water pump contains several parts, such as a pulley, a spindle bearing and a seal that can crack or break over time. We at Milstead Service Center can make sure these parts are replaced properly and efficiently. Here are some signs that indicate that your water pump needs to be repaired or replaced:

  • Your coolant leaks: If your coolant is leaking, you may see green puddles underneath your car. This is a sign that something is wrong with your vehicle's cooling system. You can place a piece of cardboard underneath the leak to prevent it from staining your driveway or garage.
  • Your temperature gauge reads high: If your water temperature gauge displays high temperature readings, this could mean that your vehicle's automotive water pump is not circulating enough coolant through the engine block. If this occurs as you are driving, it is crucial to bring your vehicle to Milstead Service Center in Conroe, TX 77303, immediately.
  • You hear strange sounds coming from the engine: If you hear a high-pitched, whining sound or a low-pitched grinding sound coming from your vehicle's engine, it may be coming from a wobbling pulley that in turn affects your vehicle's fan belt. As you accelerate, the sound may become louder. Strange sounds from your vehicle are never good; so if this occurs, be sure to bring your vehicle to Milstead Service Center. In addition to water pump repair, we also specialize in Auto Repair and RV Repair.
  • Water leaks from the engine: If you notice water coming out of the front of your vehicle's engine, this means that the automotive water pump is beginning to fail. Some water pumps have a built-in outlet called “a weep hole” where water drips when there is an issue with the automotive water pump.
  • You notice corrosion on your water pump: If you notice mineral build up, rust, or contamination on your automotive water pump, this means you may be using the wrong type of coolant, which makes cooling your vehicle's engine more difficult. You can give Milstead Service Center a call at (833) 803-0464, and we can tell you which type of coolant is compatible with your vehicle.
  • You see steam escaping from your engine: If you see steam, your engine is overheating. Immediately pull over, open the hood of your car, and call a tow truck if this problem occurs while driving.

Your Shop for Water Pump Repair

There may be a time where you need an automotive water pump repair on your vehicle. Getting the best service for water pump repair is important to ensure that your vehicle will be cared for and fixed back to its optimal level. We at Milstead Service Center and our Auto Repair technicians have been fixing cars since 1972 and are well-versed in all things automotive water pump and auto repair. All our equipment is up to date and regularly maintained to perform well on your vehicle. We work hard to bring your vehicle back to its original condition and on the roads again because we understand how important your vehicle is to your day-to-day life.

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