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Getting your car winterized with Milstead Service Center, Conroe, TX

Getting your car winterized

Winter is here. And, like every year, most people have yet to take the trouble to check if their car is ready for the winter! A drive to spend the holidays with a friend or family is something to look forward to the whole year around. But, before stepping out with the car, it is a good idea to check if the vehicle is in good shape and ready to tackle the winter. With a few basic checks, you can take that long-awaited trip. Bring your car to Milstead Service Center and make sure your vehicle is ready for the winter.

  • Engine and other electric parts – the heart of the car, which is the engine, and the battery lie beneath the hood. Ensure that the engine gets serviced and the battery checked before taking off on a long drive in winter. Battery fluid needs to be topped up as it depletes faster in winter. While servicing the engine, checking oil and coolant is a must. If a battery is three or more years old, it needs replacement with a new one. It may be troublesome during the winter. Checking all electrical connections for corrosion will make the car more efficient.
  • The brakes – make sure they are functioning optimally. Failed brakes are one of the biggest causes of road accidents.
  • Tires – Before the winter sets in, it is a great idea to check the condition of the tires. Older tires lose their treads and make the car skid. It is hazardous, especially on a wet road. When going in for auto repair, check the tires’ psi, treads, wheel alignment, and balance before driving out on the road with snow or ice.
  • Windscreen, wipers, and window – keeping the windscreen clean is a task while driving through a snowstorm. Use winter wiper blades and wiper fluid to keep the windscreen clear. Keep windows clean to improve visibility.
  • Body and undercarriage of a car – precipitation damages the body and undercarriage of a vehicle. Salt and sand on the roads can do the same. It is necessary to wash down the car regularly, especially after driving through wet roads, as the body and undercarriage can get rusted with the combination of salt, sand, and moisture. Running the car for some time after a wash will ensure that water does not freeze in any part of the car.


These basic checks performed regularly on the vehicle by a trusted mechanic near me will ensure that it remains in good shape and gets ready for the winter. Besides these maintenance tips, use all caution when driving on wet roads. Do not speed and avoid sudden braking to prevent losing control of the car.


What type of car breaks down the most?

Surprisingly, some of the most coveted cars are the least reliable! So, while buying one of these cars may be a status symbol, one should consider the problem of repeated breakdowns and maintenance and repair issues. Chrysler, Fiat, Jaguar, Chevrolet, Lincoln, and Cadillac are the least reliable despite being luxury cars. If you are thinking of buying one of these, get an extended warranty for the repairs which are likely to be frequent.


Why Milstead Service Center?

Milstead Service Center has served car owners in the Conroe community for the last 30 years. Thoroughly professional and trustworthy, they have made a name for themselves by providing quality service to their clients every time. For the best auto repair service and maintenance set-up in Conroe, Texas, call Milstead Service Center at (936) 441-3500. Get Winterized. Drive safely!

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