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Signs That It Is Time To Replace Brake Pads

Signs That It Is Time To Replace Brake Pads

Cars are an irreplaceable part of the daily lives of most people. People end up spending a considerable amount of time traveling in their cars. It is essential that car repairs and maintenance are done as frequently as required. The condition of a car’s brakes is very important for the safety of its passengers and others on the road.

This article by Milstead Service Center will help car owners to keep themselves safe by ensuring their brakes are well maintained. This auto repair shop offers experienced, affordable, and dependable auto repair in Conroe, Texas. Milstead Service Center values the safety of customers and their families, so their team of ASE-certified technicians follows Motorist Assurance Program Uniform Inspection Guidelines when inspecting the brake system of vehicles. This article explains how to know when the brake pads of a vehicle need to be replaced.


Auto manufacturers use disc brakes or drum brakes that are different from each other, but both use friction to slow vehicles. Disc brakes use pads of material (organic, ceramic, or metallic) that press against a rotor or a disc when the brakes are applied. They cause friction that slows the vehicle. This brake is used on the front axle of all modern passenger vehicles. They may also be used on the rear axle. Drum brakes have friction material fixed to crescent-shaped “shoes” that press against the interior of a drum when the brakes are stepped on. These brakes are installed only on the rear axle of modern cars and light trucks.


Brakes lose a minuscule amount of material every time they are used, irrespective of whether they are made of metallic, ceramic, organic, or composite materials. They gradually wear thin, and they slowly lose their ability to halt a vehicle swiftly. The distance taken for the car to stop after applying brakes also increases.

Signs that indicate that the brake pads or shoes need to be replaced


1. Odd Noises

There can be squealing, screeching, or whining sounds when the brakes are applied if the brake pads of the vehicle have indicators. A small metal attachment on the brake pad backing plate makes this noise to alert the driver that it is time for an inspection by a brake specialist or mechanic. However, not all brake pads come with this feature. If brakes are exposed to moisture, like after rains, screeching sounds can be heard from the brakes. But abnormal sounds due to moisture disappear after the brakes are used a few times.

2. Visible Wearing Down Of Brake Pads

Disc brakes can be inspected to ascertain if they need to be replaced. The wheels may need to be removed to view the brake pads. The brake pads can be seen compressed against the brake rotor when looking down at the brake assembly. Less than a quarter inch of thickness of the friction material on the brake pad indicate that the brakes need to be inspected, and brake pads may need to be replaced.

3. Rumbling and Metallic Grinding Sounds

A deep, low sound like metal grinding or a growling sound can be heard when brake pads are worn. This sound may also occur if the brake pads or shoe backing plates are in contact with the discs or drums. The friction between metal parts can damage the braking system further. If such metallic grinding or rumbling sounds are heard, the car must be taken to an auto repair shop without delay.

4. Indicator Lights

There are indicator lights on the dashboards of some cars that alert the driver or owner that it is time for the brake pads to be replaced. Car owners must check their manuals to see if their vehicles are equipped with this feature. If the indicator lights alert the owner and the mechanic inspecting the brake pads replaces them, then the warning system will also need to be replaced.

Milstead Service Center is committed to providing honest and courteous service while offering car repair of the highest quality in Conroe, Texas. This auto repair center recognizes that brakes are a vital car system that requires brake maintenance and repair. Milstead Service Center ensures that original manufacturer parts and high-quality aftermarket replacement brake pads are used. There is never a compromise of safety to cut corners by Milstead Service Center. For different vehicle repair needs, including car repair in Conroe, TX, Milstead Service Center can be contacted by a call at (936) 441-3500, or an online appointment can be scheduled.

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