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Tips To Prolong The Life Of Car Batteries

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The car battery can be considered the lifeline of a car. With proper care, vehicle owners can get their car batteries to serve them for a longer time. Car batteries work more on the road as more electrical components are added to vehicles. Regular maintenance, including that of the car battery, is important for the optimum functioning of the vehicle.

Although car battery replacement is an option, a well-maintained car battery can help to improve its durability. In this article, Milstead Service Center shares how the life of a car battery can be extended. In Conroe, TX, Milstead Service Center offers RV, truck, and car repair. This auto repair shop uses original manufacturer parts or high-quality aftermarket parts for repairs to keep vehicles in the best condition.


The average lifespan of a car battery is around three to four years. Drivers who take care of certain aspects may get up to six years of good use from their car batteries. But if inadequate care is taken, the car battery may last for a lesser number of years.

Tips to increase the life of a car battery

1. Get the Right Car Battery

The choice of a car battery must be according to the vehicle’s power requirements.

2. Clean the Battery Terminals

Car owners must check batteries and their connections regularly to ensure that the connections are secure and that there is no accumulated dirt or grime. A powdery substance keeps forming where the cables meet the terminals. Dust and corrosive substances that gather on the battery terminals can affect its performance and durability. Cleaning the battery terminals with a dry cloth will help smooth power transmission through the terminals and prolong the battery life.

3. Use the Car Regularly and Avoid Short Trips

Car batteries recharge when the car is driven. If the car is unused for days or used for short trips, there is insufficient time for the battery to be recharged. Regular long trips help to keep the batteries charged. If a car has to be left unused for some time, it must be started every 5 to 7 days for at least 5 minutes to keep the car battery in good working condition.

4. Take Care During Extreme Temperatures

The temperature can fluctuate between high and low in places like Texas. These frequent and significant temperature variations can reduce the life of car batteries. Car batteries corrode when water evaporates from them at a very high temperature. A corroded car battery will take the engine more time to start.

5. Turn Off Accessories when Idling

Car batteries start the car and send power to the accessories when the ignition is turned on. When starting the car, car owners can save battery power by keeping accessories like phone chargers, air conditioners, and seat warmers off. An electrical component, like an interior light, can drain the battery power if left on when the car is off. All accessories must be turned off or unplugged when the car is not in use.

6. Regular Battery Testing

The battery condition must be assessed regularly. Battery testing will help understand how much voltage a battery puts out and whether it is functioning well. It reduces the risk of getting stranded with a dead battery while on a trip. Battery testing will also help determine when the car battery replacement must be done. Car owners can do this with a battery tester or book an appointment at a local car repair center. A multimeter indicates the car battery’s condition but is not as reliable as a professional car mechanic’s equipment. Car owners can google “auto shop near me” and choose a reliable auto repair shop for battery services. Car owners in Conroe, TX, can choose Milstead Service Center for dependable, trustworthy auto repair services by ASE-Certified technicians. 

Prolonging the life of car batteries saves time and money. These tips will help car owners keep their car batteries in good condition. Milstead Service Center is the place to go for general maintenance and car repair needs in Conroe, TX. At this auto repair shop, customers receive a detailed report on the general health of their vehicles at the end of every visit. Milstead Service Center provides truck, RV, and car repairs, and their number one priority is to keep each customer safe on the road. Vehicle owners can contact Milstead Service Center by dialing (936) 441-3500.

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